FoundationaL Financial Infrastructure


Universal Utility For FInance And Transaction

To achieve real-time financial interoperability at a global scale, Calculus presents the Universal Utility for Finance and Transaction (UUFT), a unifying core financial infrastructure for transaction facilitation and the exchange of all types of value. Calculus’ infrastructure advances proven concepts embodied in systems such as CLS, TARGET2 Securities (T2S) and FedWire, which are the bedrock of our global economic infrastructure, connecting new and existing value networks and enabling cross-network messaging, clearing, and settlement that is secure, low-cost, and near-instant. Global payment volumes exceeded $7 quadrillion in 2018 and the UUFT is the only utility designed with the ability to profitably consolidate the entirety of global value exchange onto one platform with substantial service improvements and substantial cost reduction.



Calculus overcomes inefficiencies in cross-border payments and interbank settlements, however the best use case for ADLT lies in the consolidation of all value exchange on a singular global core infrastructure rationalizing a segmented global economy and facilitating economies of scale, competition, syncronicity, and market efficiencies heretofore not possible.


Rights: The Foundational Investment

Rights Securities, an equity security, share in the revenue from the world’s most valuable market - Global Value Exchange