FoundationaL Financial Infrastructure


Universal Utility For FInance And Transaction

To achieve real-time financial interoperability at a global scale, Calculus developed the Universal Utility for Finance and Transaction (UUFT), a unifying financial network for transaction facilitation and the exchange of all types of value. Global payment volumes exceeded $7 quadrillion in 2018 and the UUFT is the only system that can profitably consolidate all of this global payment traffic onto one platform with substantial service improvements and drastic cost reduction.


UniversaL Fortified Currency (©)

Universal Fortified Currency (©) is utilized for the cash leg of all payments transacted on the UUFT. Earn Universal Fortified Currency (©) from your phone! The Venture App is a novel platform where individuals can earn newly created Universal Fortified Currency (©) with their most valuable latent asset: their knowledge.


Rights: The Foundational Investment

Rights, an equity security, share in the revenue from the most valuable market: global transaction facilitation. To achieve liquidity, Calculus will execute the Rights pre-sale phase ending with an IPO and subsequent listing of Rights on the Nasdaq exchange.