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Advanced Finance

Whenever anything is bought or sold, in our modern economy, the transaction relies on an underlying financial infrastructure with Central Banks and Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) at the core. The Federal Reserve, DTCC, Bank for International Settlements, European Central Bank, and other FMIs and Institutions face tremendous present and future challenges to their solvency, security, and primacy. As a result, the core of our global financial infrastructure has clearly declared the need for and solicited the development of a solution to advance existing financial institutions and anchor their position at the foundation of the future economy.

In response to Central Bank and FMI solicitation, Calculus has developed the Universal Transaction Engine (UTE), a novel asset transaction engine that facilitates maximally efficient universal asset exchange working in coordination with, rather than against, legacy central banks and FMIs, keeping and advancing the components of the existing financial infrastructure that work and reinventing the components that do not. A single global engine with universal standardization transacting in real-time with immediate finality at lower cost with greater security worldwide.

Calculus allows for the global economic processes of production, exchange, distribution, and consumption to all be dramatically streamlined and facilitated, leading to the significant growth and expansion of the whole of society.


Calculus is the right solution at the right time

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Calculus is a project advancing beyond any undertaken before, as it reaches out beyond national systems into the global market. Calculus will construct and operate the UTE, but Calculus also recognizes the need for cooperation and commitment of FMIs and Financial Institutions in order to deliver the service successfully. Calculus is therefore offering its project partners the opportunity for industry ownership and the ability to share in transaction facilitation revenue through Rights Securities which distribute the substantial revenue from transaction facilitation to align the interests of Calculus and UTE participants around the common goal of maximizing the volume of asset transaction on the UTE.




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