Over $7.49 quadrillion is transacted annually



Calculus advances markets

The global economy lacks an efficient, integrated financial infrastructure that can support the operation of a single global financial market.

The implementation of the Calculus Universal Transaction Engine (UTE), for the first time, creates a single financial market that overcomes the existing national fragmentation of the legacy financial infrastructure. Calculus represents an unprecedented advancement providing superior end-to-end functionality, convenience, efficiency, scalability, speed, and security with 24/7/365 availability and global reach at substantially reduced cost in a known market currently exceeding $1.9 trillion in annual revenue and growing at an annual rate of 9%.

By providing a single global engine with universal standardization, Calculus is designed to consolidate asset transaction, as the internet consolidated data transmission, harnessing economies of scale, economies of scope, and multiplexing coupled with proprietary fundamental technological advancements all of which contribute to increased transaction efficiency and the integration of the global capital markets infrastructure.

Calculus is not a bank or FMI. Rather, Calculus serves as an apolitical and impartial technical engine for providing settlement and transaction services to those Central Banks, FMIs, and financial institutions utilizing Calculus.

Central Banks, FMIs, and financial institutions are required for both the smooth transition and smooth operation of a single global financial infrastructure. As such, they are positioned powerfully and profitably at the trust boundary of Calculus as a new type of financial infrastructure entity, the Advanced Finance Institution.

Advanced Finance Institutions at the trust boundaries of Calculus leverage their core business of managing the end-user identity relationship while applying their hard-won abilities in jurisdictional regulatory compliance, opening and managing the accounts of their clients, and providing other required services related to settlement. This partnership enhances trust, global scalability, and the sound legal basis of Calculus.

Calculus is the only proposed solution to the problems of global financial infrastructure which is fully designed, feasible, and with over 5 years of development, testing, intellectual property, and coordination Calculus is ready for scaling allowing existing legacy institutions to not only maintain their market positions but advance and secure their future for the 21st century.