Venture From Your Phone

Put your valuable expert knowledge to work, anonymously, by becoming a Venturer. Use the Venture App to monetize your knowledge. Your knowledge is your most valuable asset. By putting this underutilized asset to work on the Calculus system you earn Universal Fortified Currency.

Maximum Liquidity

Universal Fortified Currency (©) is a global reserve currency. Use Universal Fortified Currency as you would dollars, Euro, or yen - to buy your investments, groceries, clothes, and cars.

The Value Of Your Knowledge

Calculus focuses the expert knowledge of individuals like you. Companies and organizations around the world need your expert knowledge. Whatever you are an expert in - sports, business, entertainment, health - your competent knowledge in conjunction with other competent experts feeds the Calculus Oracle Engine. A revolution in data science producing Oracle Assets with quantifiably correct outcomes to previously unknowable questions.


Venture App